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Imagineering Creative Intelligence

The biggest names in creativity and technology will take the stage to explore the power of imagination and its role as the catalyst of the next industrial revolution. On Friday 10 November innovators from different areas will share their thoughts and experience in three areas: ideas, business and experiences.

Imagineering ideas

Steve Vranakis

ECD Google Creative Lab

D&AD President

United Kingdom

“We are more powerful than we think: how creativity looks for ways to make things better and why we should all aspire to be creative activists”.

Fernanda Romano

Strategy and Creative Partner

Malagueta Group


“No machine would touch an electric outlet, which is why AI won’t replace us”.

Zélia Sakhi

Head of Design – Creative director

Mobiento/Deloitte Digital


“The myth of the non-creatives: a tale of impostors, egos and fear of the unknown.”

Imagineering business

Tom de Bruyne

Behavioral Designer, Founder

Sue Amsterdam


“Understanding irrationality to create better organizations: strategies for crafting a killer creative culture”.

Helge Tenno

Transformation Strategist, Founder

Jokull AS


“Running on old code: the gap between what we want our organizations to be and what we put into them to help them get there”.

Imagineering experiences

Julio Obelleiro

Creative entrepreneur

Co-founder, Wildbytes


“Innovation is the fabric of today’s experiential advertising. Innovative experiential design uses expected technologies to turn bold ideas into unexpected surprises”.

Luna Maurer



The Netherlands

“What are the rules that generate design? The social effects of technology: how do people use it and how it influences everyone’s daily lives”.

Festival curator's keynote

Kris Hoet

CIO, Happiness

Global Head of Innovation, FCB


“The challenge of the future is imagination, not technology: how to imagine with the new tools that are provided to us?”

ADCE President Welcome

Ami Hasan


hasan & partners


“We are all creative by nature: that means embracing everything new and resisting the status quo”